Our People

It IS possible to make a living doing what you love!

From a balanced perspective, we will provide aspiring teachers and students with a solid foundation in both yin and yang yoga disciplines.

Emma Tait, Yoga Teacher

It is difficult to say when Emma’s journey to yoga first began. It could even be all the way back to her first ballet class at age 3. Growing up participating in every style of dance there is, Emma learned how to connect the mind, body and breath early on in life. Her journey continued all the way to beautiful Nosara Costa Rica where she studied interdisciplinary yoga, coming back to her home in Muskoka Ontario to spread the joy of yoga to new and experienced yogis wherever she could find them.

Emma’s classes are reminiscent of her dance days; a flowy combination of postures that will leave you feeling open, inspired, strong, and relaxed all at once! In Emma’s classes you can expect to hear anything from Eddie Vedder, Bon Iver, to Van Morrison and Avicii.

Most importantly, no matter where you are in your practice, Emma’s goal is to inspire everyone to find their yoga, both on and off the mat.

Jarryd Lee, Yoga Teacher

Jarryd began his yoga journey in 2009 when he was rucksacking through northern India. While in Rishikesh, the “Yoga Capital of the World”, he decided to give yoga a go. He was instantly fascinated by the practice and was determined to attend more classes and strengthen his arms, a feature that his first yoga teacher referred to as being ‘very weak’.

After a few years of practice and an increase in arm strength, Jarryd decided in 2012 to train as a yoga teacher through the Kripalu School of Yoga. In addition to yoga, he is also an avid practitioner of mediation in the Theravada tradition.

When he’s not practicing yoga and meditation, Jarryd enjoys playing basketball and picking the banjo. He comes from a forestry background, and spends his summers working as a crewleader for a pack of treeplanters in northern BC.

Jarryd is excited to share his passion for yoga with others and to continue to constantly learn and grow with his students in a practice that embodies loving kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity.

Julia, Zumba Teacher

Teaching Zumba has become an outlet for Julia’s passion for dance and fitness. Given her background in Latin and Caribbean dance styles, teaching Zumba felt like a natural extension to her day-to-day routine. Her exposure and involvement in dance studios, music videos, and competitions have provided her with a solid foundation from which to build upon. As a choreographer and performer Julia is committed to incorporating high-intensity and unique choreography into her Zumba classes. Having said that, she is more than willing to tailor her classes in order to meet the needs and wants of her participants. Zumba is essentially a dance fitness party, meant to provide a total body workout in a non-intimidating environment. That is the foundation Julia’s classes are built upon.

Julia has been delivering weekly Zumba classes for federally incarcerated women, and has found it to be nothing short of rewarding. She is thrilled about being able to widen her horizons and offer weekly Zumba classes to anyone looking to dance the calories away!

Daniella, Yoga Teacher

Daniella, a former yoga skeptic, discovered her love for yoga in 2010, while teaching overseas. She, very reluctantly, signed up for yoga classes at a nearby gym in an attempt to make new friends. A few awkward classes later and she already had herself registered for a Yoga Teacher`s Training Course at the Sivananda Ashram in Madurai, India. A dream fully materialized!

Yoga has pointed Daniella toward an ever-growing spiritual path of self-discovery and healing. She`s also a Level II Reiki Practitioner and has explored many different realms of healing throughout Southeast Asia and right here in our beautiful Canadian backyard. She`s constantly rediscovering the limitlessness of this spherical playground and what we are capable of when we let go of fear.

She has a deep passion to share, teach and grow with her students, exploring different variations and creative ways of combining breath, movement and stillness. Daniella believes that yoga is meant to heal, energize and empower - not to mention the wonderful benefits to the physical body! :) She also believes that the learning really begins as we start to carry the techniques from our practice with us into our daily lives!

"Feel the Love. Love the Feeling" -D

Julie, Yoga Teacher

Julie was a student of yoga for a number of years before becoming a certified yoga teacher in the spring of 2013. She has taught classes in the Guelph area since September, but is no stranger to group fitness instruction. Julie led fitness and aquafitness classes in the GTA for more than 10 years before moving to a rural community where she began her yoga practice, studying under Nicole Balogh at Serenity Now Yoga. Julie's classes are gentle, and foster compassion and awareness in her participants.

Elyse Silverman, Yoga Instructor

Elyse’s journey with yoga began at the beginning of 2013. Coming from a background of various styles of dance she felt connected to the practice of body awareness and flowing movement. Initially, her motivation to practice was for the physical benefits. After a few classes she discovered the power of yoga to enhance your psychological well-being as well, and began to crave the wonderful feeling in body and mind that comes with final savasana. Elyse soon decided to do the teacher training to deepen her own practice and spread the love of yoga, with hopes of helping others to endeavor a life of positive well-being, compassion, joy, peace, awareness, and so many other benefits that come through the practice of yoga! Elyse is so grateful to have found this path and finds that her passion and curiosity with yoga grows every day. Elyse believes that when yoga is practiced with it’s authentic intent it can have such a wonderful impact on the practitioner and the universe! For these reasons, she looks forward to eventually opening her own yoga studio and in the mean time, is excited to continually strive to build her skills as a yoga instructor.